Primary medium: OIL ON CANVAS



From a very early age I remember being entranced by the way a painting - and painting is, of course, my favourite medium - could almost magically introduce you to a completely new world. For this to work well, though, there had to be a correspondingly high level of technical excellence that facilitated the transition, and not all the paintings I saw had the same level of believability.

At the same time though, I also loved the look of something that is hand made, an object that was clearly the product of craft taken to the highest level, and it is this double nature - a surface that is both the introduction to an invented world but also a beautifully crafted thing in its own right that I aspire to in my art.

As for the imagery I work with, I feel a sense of location in a European tradition of visual arts that has it's origin in the pagan world of classical antiquity over which a cloak of Christianity has been loosely thrown. This provides me with the raw material I need to indulge my own fascinations, in the hope that others might find them fascinating too.












Graeme Balchin

Ross Trebilcock

Neil Moore

Bonny Hut

Vali Myers

Jandamarra Cadd

Adam Scott Miller


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