Primary medium: OIL ON CANVAS



Working in a diverse range of mediums, from painting in oils & watercolour & utilising all manner of drawing media to carving in both timber & stone, due to the feeling that each medium has it's own voice or ability to visually vocalise .

 I found that art provided a means of entering into a relationship with myself & the world both within & around me. It allowed me to tap into the feeling that there was more to life than what I was simply told or taught to believe. As a child that grew up with my head in the clouds I didn't seem to have a way to communicate my feelings about myself or my place in the world. I found words & general conversation to be a fence that kept me locked in or out as it often was & art became for me the breaking down of those 'fences' & the ability to communicate in a direct way without the entanglement & constriction of words.

My work has always been informed by my inner world & my love & connection to animals & the natural world in it's myriad of forms. My interest in consciousness , evolution, physics & the vibratory reality behind matter, shamanism, meditation & altered & ecstatic states of consciousness are all employed in an attempt to taste & translate the invisible worlds within, which for me is the seat of creation.











 Kim Evans

Leo Plaw

William Ricketts

Jason Morning

Shane Gehlert

Kuba Ambrose

Gavin Shri Amneon


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