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A tribute to a great Australian Artist, Kim Nelson

1958 - 2015



Broadcast on Coast Arts radio program, Sunday 22 June 2014 6-7pm on Coast FM 963.  To listen to interviews and find links to more information, go to Listen to Interviews – June 2014   Produced and presented by Meredith Gilmore

Graeme Balchin and Russell Austin are established visual artists based on the Central Coast, and were our main guests on the program this week. Graeme and Russell talked about a TV program they’ve recently been filmed for – as part of the Visionary Arts Network of Australia (VANA) – and much more…..


International Visionary Artist Panel 2014


Location, Lexton, Victoria, Australia 2014

Anderson Debernardi (Peru), Adam Scott Miller (USA & Australia), Amanda Sage (USA), Bonny Hut (South Africa & Australia),  Katia Honour (Australia),  Emma Watkinson (UK),Bryan Itch (Australia)




Visionary Art Voyage CH.1 of 3

The Official music video of Telesma "Chain" from their 2nd album "Action In Inaction".


 Visuals by visionary artist, Adam Scott Miller, Sean E. Conroy, Adam Daniel Palmer. See CREDITS at end.




Visionary Art Voyage CH.2 of 3

Official music video for Telesma ' White Lotus ' from the album 'Action In Inaction '
' White Lotus 'is Chapter Two in the Lotus Chain trilogy


Visionary Artist Panel, Australia

 An oldie - 2012, with Android Jones (USA), Bonny Hut (South Africa / Australia), Daniel Mirante (UK), Katia Honour (Australia), Harland O'Neal (USA), Kuba Ambrose / Fiedorowicz (Australia / Vienna).

1 out of 4


Colourful Journeys - Trailer

Join Aussie artist Shane Gehlert, as he takes the road less travelled on a colourful journey across central Asia. No flowery presenters, no film crew and production teams... just a down to earth point of view.... as seen through the lens of this iconic artist.

This film was shot, edited and produced by Shane.
Available Now on Bluray and DVD


Graeme Balchin's solo exhibition

 at Soho Gallery, Sydney.

Interview by the ABC.